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Holy crap less than 15,000 signatures to go before the White House have to discuss nonbinary genders!



That’s amazing! There’s less than two weeks left; Tumblr, spread it like some kind of delicious sandwich filling! And for glob’s sake, SIGN IT!

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Small Crown Giveaway ♡



So the small crown was in my shop today and being as my Mayor already has two (For reasons unknown even to myself)I decided it would be cool to give the third one away!So Yay for little things!

To Enter ♡
There will be ONE winner

One Reblog Literally that’s it, just reblog this post (ONCE…

it was in my shop today but i am so poor omg,



is this like the era of sports anime or what because if so lets bring back prince of tennis

what do you mean bring back

it never left


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sorry, i have busy and lazy days and my internet connection is not helping either.

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Took me a long time to blog

Well actually, I finished taking my very last exam of my highschool life last feb. 28 but I can’t do much net work because the everything’s so slow and I can’t watch ongoing animes yet ugh.

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